EIGHTY4 FLY is nothing if not prolific. After exploding onto Seattle’s scene with singles like “So Cool” and “Like Planes” and records like The Eighty4 Fly Project, 1st Class ’N Flyworld, and Flight Eighty4, the Fly Guy shows no sign of slowing down.
True to form, Eighty4 Fly is back and staking his reputation on his fourth official release COLORS. Smoke-­‐shrouded and swagger-­‐rich, the 19-­‐track project is the most refined, catchy work yet from an artist already known for his irresistible crossover appeal. Inspired by a neurological condition called chromesthesia that causes a person to “see” sound in explosions of color, the mixtape translates its songs into colors using mood as the medium. Even smash hits “So Cool” and Nipsey Hussle-­‐featured “Until We Bleed” get the treatment, re-­‐exposing them to the world for a shot at the shine they deserve.
This is a record, and an artist, you can’t help but listen to, party to, drive to, smoke to. Heavily featuring production from teen prodigy A Dot, COLORS has its moodier moments to complement the upbeat highs of lead single “Kush High” and follow-­‐up “Cool Kid” (which was also the latest track to get the video treatment from acclaimed director Jon Augustavo). But no matter the vibe, Eighty4 always does things his way—fly. He’s not about to be tied down by the term “rapper.” Eighty4 Fly is an artist, a rock star trapped in a hip-­‐hop artist’s body. His music makes that clear.

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